Racing Series S-Line SL4000 Rev. 2



Redefining gaming chairs, the Vertagear Racing Series SL-4000 brings unparalleled level of comfort and adjustability. Gamers spend hours each day in front of a computer, the new SL-4000’s high density padding and contoured backrest allows for an extremely comfortable gaming experience. Designed to give wide range of adjustability that gives gamers the best comfort and support in every gaming position for extended period of time. High backrest is designed to provide neck, shoulder and lumbar support.

Recommended height: up to 5’9″
Recommended weight: up to 210 lbs

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The SL4000’s key focus is the comfort level for long sittings. Equipped with a high density padding and contoured backrest, the chair provides an extremely comfortable gaming experience. The high backrest is designed to provide neck, shoulder, and lumbar support.


  • Adjustable Backrest – not all bodies are the same, adjust the chair the way you like to sit with the backrest angle option. The SL4000 offers an adjustment from 90 degrees to 170 degrees to enhance your gaming experiences.
  • Adjustable Height – seat adjustability makes sure every type of users of different heights can adjust the chair to their unstressed posture. The chair provides a good range of height adjustability to ensure you are at the optimum angle in relation to your gaming station.
  • Adjustable 4-point Armrest – cushioned and customized to the shape of the arm with adjustability in 4 directions, the armrest gives support to the gaming arm and prevents potential stress. The armrest is ergonomically designed to provide support to the forearm, relieving muscle strain and fatigue from the shoulders and taking pressure of sensitive areas of the wrist.
  • Tilting feature with adjustable resistance and locking system – Our adjustable tilt tension mechanism allows you to increase or decrease the tension by easily turn the knob to match your body weight. This allows you to rock comfortably, without heavy pushing, reducing muscle fatigue.
  • Extra accessories – Additional neck support cushion and lumbar support cushion is included.
  • Soft-glide Wheels – Wheel is formulated for a quieter operation and greater resistance to foreign objects and debris

Model: VG-SL4000

Black Edition
Blue / Carbon Black / Green / Red / White
White Edition
Black / Blue / Green / Red
Max Load: 150 kg / 330 lbs
Materials: Steel (frame), High Density Foam, PVC Leather, Aluminum Alloy (base)
Package Dimension: 84 x 71 x 41 cm / 33 x 28 x 16 in
Overall height (incl. base): 1220-1320 mm / 48-52 in
Width backrest (shoulder): 515 mm / 20.3 in
Width backrest (lumbar): 300 mm / 11.8 in
Width seat: 510 mm / 20 in
Depth seat: 530 mm / 20.9 in
Net Weight: 26 kg / 57 lbs
Gross Weight: 32.5 kg / 72 lbs


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What are the weight limit on the new Triigger Line chairs? 29. November 2016

The weight limit of the Triigger 275/350 is 330lbs.

Does the 350 SE come with a headrest? 28. November 2016

Yes, the Triigger 350SE does come with a headrest.

Does the 350 have an option for headrest or is that only for special edition? 28. November 2016


The Triigger 350 black version doesn’t not come with a headrest however an option to upgrade which will be available to order from our website soon.

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Customer Care

What is the recommended height for this chair? 23. November 2016

Yes, the Triigger 350SE does come with a headrest.

Hi, I would like to know if this is a set of 5 wheels for 19.99. I assume it is, but I would like to be sure before I make a purchase. Thanks in advance, Simon 23. November 2016

Yes, you will receive a set of 5 wheels for $19.99.